Detective Thompson Leary


So you want to be one of the good guys, huh? You want to fight crime and save the princess from a dragon? I was like you once…

What if I told you even the most altruistic people have corruption in them? People who dedicate their lives to protecting the weak from the monsters who prey on them inevitably become consumed by the all surrounding darkness of this world. I use to be a beacon of justice in one of the most crime-ridden cities of this land. Detective Thompson Leary, hitting the streets everyday to stomp out criminals. With my superior intelligence and dexterous ability with a rapier, I thought I could pierce my way through the evil which had consumed my once glorious city. At first I was motivated to keep my family safe. My elfish wife Nara and my beautiful daughter Tamaria were the reason I was keeping it together. But every time I vanquished evil it was instantly replaced by worse scum. Soon my motivations transformed from protecting the good to destroying evil. I pushed myself harder and harder, using substances like Scour to gain an advantage over the drug addicted gangs of our city. My family lost me sometime after that, I became a shell of who I once was. And it was my actions, not the all consuming evil, which burned away everything I loved.

The last case I took on as a detective at the police department was to track and kill Pynch Viceroy, a local crime lord. We no longer concerned ourselves with the traditional judicial system since most criminals who made it to court seemed to slip through the cracks. Viceroy was not only the worst of the bunch, he was the most cunning too. It seemed like he was always one step ahead of me, evading me every chance I got close to him. Looking back on things, it’s obvious he has an insider in our department feeding him intel. We thought we had him when we located Viceroy’s largest Zerk manufacturing operation. I commanded that scouts be posted outside to notify me as soon as Viceroy walked into his drug op. I prepared copious amounts of alchemist fire with the intent to blow his operation of flammable steroids sky-high. Two weeks after we began, Pynch Viceroy finally visited the op giving us a small window of opportunity. We arrived and immediately began sealing all of the exits of the building. We broke in windows and tossed the alchemist fire inside with devastating consequences. The fumes inside ignited and the explosion was much greater than I ever anticipated. Flames consumed the Zerk operation and all the buildings surrounding it as well. Soon the entire district was ablaze with an uncontrollable wildfire. I watched for as long as possible to be absolutely sure that Pynch didn’t escape that building. It seemed we finally got the bastard but the price we paid was tremendous.

The fire spread throughout the city with no sign of letting up soon. I calculated the speed of the fire spreading and the distance of my home from the original source and realized what a huge risk I had put my family in. I snorted some scour and ran home as fast as the amphetamine would carry me. The roof of our home was ablaze when I got there. In my drugged out haze I felt that everything around me was happening in slow motion. As I kicked in my front door I caught a glimpse of my girls running towards the front, screaming with their arms stretched towards me. Before I could even step inside to help, the structure of the house collapsed. I was forced to watch as heavy beams and alchemist fire rained on them.

In a single night I had caused more destruction to this city than any of the criminal organizations ever did. I stayed to help fight the fires but fled the city soon after. Nothing but bad habits and painful memories were there for me. Once a great detective, now I’m nothing but a wanderer looking for redemption. That’s when I heard a crime committed in a legendary land. The wheels of time had begun to spin where they were never meant to. Perhaps purpose has entered my life once more. If I could help retrieve the artifact which protected this land than maybe I could redeem myself of the mistakes I’ve made.

Eventually, every beacon of light is extinguished…but my embers still burn brightly for justice.

Detective Thompson Leary

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