Abandoned at birth, a caravan of circus-folk discovered the baby Oread sitting stoically in a muddy ditch. They adopted him into the troupe and raised him as one of their own. Though FuQuan never quite fit in with the talented group of performers, he was regularly featured in their shows as a star attraction due to his innate abilities and unusual appearance.

As the troupe grew in popularity, FuQuan’s lack of social graces (his ignorance of personal space & property) became a liability with Noble patrons and he was unanimously voted out by the only family he’d ever known.

FuQuan wandered the mountains for many months after this, eventually discovering a secluded dwarven monastery. Their insight into his unique heritage (something he knew nothing about) compelled him to stay and adopt their ways. FuQuan felt at ease among the clerics.

Unfortunately new arrivals were rare and most of the dwarves were old men by the time he’d arrived. In the years that he lived at the monastery his friends died off one-by-one, and one-by-one he was expected to return their bodies to the earth. When the final cleric was laid to rest, FuQuan took what he needed from the relic room and ventured off on pilgrimage, sealing the monastery behind him.


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