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  • Episode 10: Dinosaurs & Drunks

    h4. _"Ask him about the dinosaurs!" –Dalamus_ p. h4. _"Oh! What's with the retarded dragons?" –Sura_ p. h2. Synopsis p. The Wanderers escorted the remaining [[Burgundy Boys | Burgundy Boys]] away from their ruined, and no longer …

  • Diane

    _“Back to the beach! Stay close to the barrier with Diane!” –[[:sura | Sura]]_ p. _“Oh. Um. Diane?” –NPC Refugee_ p. _“What, you don’t like Diane?” –Sura_ p. _“Diane’s a bit much.” –NPC Refugee_

  • Cocoon

    Despite being the largest and most organized faction of shard hunters, Cocoon is shrouded in secrecy. The symbol worn by their members has been linked to disturbing events at many of the more catastrophic Everstone crash sites. [[File:746018 | …

  • Randy

    Though a fierce warrior and loving father, Randy is currently drinking his life away at a trading post in the middle of the ocean. He and his brother [[Dave | Dave]] were once a very a successful [[Dave and Randy | shard hunting team]]. Has a very …

  • Dave

    Though a talented wizard and devoted brother, Dave is currently a ferryman on a treacherous sea-lake. He and his brother [[Randy | Randy]] were once a very a successful [[Dave and Randy | shard hunting team]]. Has a unfavorable opinion of the …

  • Dave and Randy

    Two of the most successful shard hunters before circumstances out of their control trapped them on a mysterious island. [[File:755719 | class=media-item-align-center | davenrandy.jpg]]

  • Strikers

    A group of highly intelligent ogres trained by [[Cocoon | Cocoon]] to track, stalk, terrorize, and torture on their behalf.

  • Thomas

    The mud buddy has AC 12, 10 hit points, Strength 5, and a speed of 30 feet. It can perform any tasks an unseen servant can, plus any similar tasks its Strength allows (it’s able to lift up to 50 pounds), but instead of walking on water, it gains a swim …

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