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  • Episode 2: Sweet Richie Silk

    h4. _"What if the false room's trick is that it's really true?" –FuQuan_ p. h4. _"Bruh!" –DM_ p. h2. Synopsis p. Responding to news that an evershard had been stolen from another hero, the companions tracked the supposed thief to the …

  • Djinnifer

    Genie, actively amused by [[:detective-thompson-leary | Thompson Leary’s]] gall, mildly enjoyed talking with the others.

  • Lucy

    _"Well I guess you have the moral high ground over a devil, Dalamus Indrano. I live forever and I will find you!!" -Lucy_ p. _"That's right! Remember my name! Hey guys! She knew my name!" –Dalamus_ p. Succubus, actively invested in torturing …

  • P-Golem

    Miniature pig golem acts as a bag of holding, but will only hold things that can fit through the slot in its back, which is sized for coins, though could also potentially fit buttons, small medallions without chains, and so forth. * It has a speed …

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