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  • Episode 4: Fleas?

    h4. _"You guys are attacked by a doe in the middle of the night." –DM_ p. h4. _"Like a female deer?" –Dusty_ p. h4. _"Yes." –DM_ p. h4. _"I make a loud noise." –Sura_ p. h2. Synopsis p. You'd heard reports of a large …

  • Ironflow

    [[File:744733 | class=media-item-align-center | 13516578_10100557505746380_9065467145629686724_n.jpg]] [[File:744496 | class=media-item-align-center | 13501970_10100557506375120_7036455324951484473_n.jpg]]

  • P-Golem

    Miniature pig golem acts as a bag of holding, but will only hold things that can fit through the slot in its back, which is sized for coins, though could also potentially fit buttons, small medallions without chains, and so forth. * It has a speed …

  • Old Man

    _“I didn’t think that a [[:fuquan | man of stone]] would heal my heart of stone.”_ _–Old Man_

  • Greg

    _"Feed! Feed! I am Greg!”_ _-Greg the Grothlut_

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