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  • Episode 5: Shipwrecked

    h4. _"I said! The service! Is sorely lacking! For an establishment! Of this caliber! In the ocean!" –Dalamus_ p. h2. Synopsis p. In the rubble of a once bustling fishing village [decimated by a battle between shard hunters & their enemies] …

  • Robby Whittmoore

    _"Robbie is like nine years old." -DM_ p. _"He knew that his Dad peed into his Mom and she pooped out a baby. He knows how sex works." -[[:khadustra-dusty-zoahiin | Dusty]]_

  • Pumice

    _“The ogre takes your swords out of its head and offers them back to you.” -DM_ p. _“No! Fuck you! I don’t want those back! Put em back in your skull, dickhead!” -[[:khadustra-dusty-zoahiin | Dusty]]_

  • Diane

    _“Back to the beach! Stay close to the barrier with Diane!” –[[:sura | Sura]]_ p. _“Oh. Um. Diane?” –NPC Refugee_ p. _“What, you don’t like Diane?” –Sura_ p. _“Diane’s a bit much.” –NPC Refugee_

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