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  • Episode 9: Dinosaurs & Drunks

    h4. _"I'm gonna let the kids sorta, go in to the wood chipper." –Dusty_ p. h4. _"Oh my god!" –DM_ p. h2. Synopsis p. *Anthony*: Putting together a brief recap to get my mind back in the world. What details do you remember learning in …

  • John-John

    _“John-John’s in charge, [[Leonard | Leonard]].” –Julius_ p. _“The boy so nice they named him twiiiiice.” –[[:dalamus-indrano | Dalamus]]_

  • Cocoon

    Despite being the largest and most organized faction of shard hunters, Cocoon is shrouded in secrecy. The symbol worn by their members has been linked to disturbing events at many of the more catastrophic Everstone crash sites. [[File:746018 | …

  • Strikers

    A group of highly intelligent ogres trained by [[Cocoon | Cocoon]] to track, stalk, terrorize, and torture on their behalf.

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