“The island of mists which men call ‘Evermore’ (Insula Nebulae quae Fortunata), The Earth Unspoiled, or The Undying Isle, is so named for the fact that it produces all things of itself; the fields thereupon have no need of the ploughs of the farmers and all cultivation is lacking except where nature provides. The firmament there of its own accord produces everything instead of merely grass, and people live there a thousand years or more. There an unknown number of inhuman sisters rule by a pleasing set of laws those who come to them from our world, though the location of the island is ever changing, and the way revealed only to a worthy few.”

-St. Godfrey of Mormouth referring to passages on Insula Nebulae in the Historia Aliis Telluribus

Evermore, timeless and inexhaustible, is a mythical island outside of time, full of rivers flowing eternally without headwaters, orchards blooming year round without tilling, and mere mortal residents living without aging or dying. It is the native home of an ancient race of immortal, angelic “ Azata”, rumored to be a piece of a higher plane given to earth, and has provided solace and shelter to wounded heroes and abandoned children since time immemorial. Children who are lost at sea are sometimes brought by the currents to Evermore and there raised, and aged heroes are sometimes known to sail there at the end of their lives, enjoying a peaceful and doting elderliness as a final and eternal reward for giving their youth to others.

Evermore is guarded by the Azata, who are very powerful on the island but cannot leave its shores, and moves, cloaked in mist, across the deepest oceans of the world. These mists also keep it safe, as evil creatures who set foot on the island find the mists caustic and poisonous.

Unknown to all but a very few, the mists are actually the source of both the residents’ immortality and the Azata’s power, and are generated by the Everstone, a massive crystalline orb set at the peak of the island’s tallest mountain, from which the mists flow eternally down its slopes and disperse some distance out at sea.


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