Overarching Campaign

A call has gone out, by direct magical communique and by messenger, to heroes throughout the land. Evermore, stationary off the coast of the northern continent for the first time in known history, seeks aid from any willing to give it. Some unknown force, able both to elude the Azata and endure the mists, has shattered the Everstone in a massive explosion, likely in an effort to steal it, though even this much is not known for certain. Shards of the Everstone have been flung untold miles in every direction, their wild magics holding the potential to wreak both miracles and horrors depending on who or what holds them. The island of mists is stranded in its current location, its power ebbing, and the Azata are unable to leave the island without all the years of their long lives seizing them at once. It is imperative both for the continued existence of Evermore and for the wellbeing of the mortal world that these shards be recovered and returned to the island, and it is for this purpose that the aid of our heroes has been enlisted. Evermore has no riches in the traditional sense, but what the quest does offer is the potential for fame throughout the land, the friendship of angelic beings, and perhaps most enticingly, a home on the island at journey’s end, should those enlisted wish it.

DM and PC Roles

The idea is: a rotating cast of players and DMs, reducing the workload on each individual DM while maintaining a steady stream of adventures and dangers. A roving band of travelers setting, so that each new adventure can take place in a setting and climate most interesting to the DM of the week. Inspired, loosely, by those episodic TV shows that feature wildly inconsistent adventures from week to week based on where the characters find themselves and who the current writer is, yet almost always restoring the status quo by the end of the episode. (Kung Fu, Xena, Hercules, Beast Master, Farscape, Star Trek, Firefly, Pokemon, Samurai Champloo, etc. etc. etc.) Horror episode? Sure okay. Mystery episode? Something like it. Jungle exploration episode? Fuck it, why not?

Pathfinder & 3.5, but allowing for character editions from even 3.0 if someone has a specific concept, since the rules speak well to each other.

The Wanderers