The Wanderers

Episode 10: On the Road Again...

“Ask him about the dinosaurs!” –Dalamus

“Oh! What’s with the retarded dragons?” –Sura


The Wanderers escorted the remaining Burgundy Boys away from their ruined, and no longer secret, sea cave HQ. At the base of a cluster of trees Leonard pushed on a series of roots revealing a passageway down into a cozy little room. With most of the older boys still off with Julius & the refugees, and many of the younger slain in the recent Striker skirmish, everyone fit very comfortably into the safe space where:

Dalamus finally learned how to summon a small creature from the mud dimension. He named it Thomas, despite his companions warning that it would lead to emotional attachment…

Dusty grappled with personal space issues as the children grappled to hug him goodbye/goodnight…

Sura mostly contemplated dinner…

Waiting until the wee hours of the morning, as to not disturb the boys, the trio departed leaving behind a note of encouragement [and a confusing order for something called “pizza”].

At the river crossing [where the Wanderers first encountered B-Boys] a group of wild cats stalked them to the other side. They killed all but one, which was last seen sprinting away with a magic missile in hot pursuit.

Approaching the steep cliffs overlooking the sea-lake, the Wanderers found a 20-foot creature [w/ a strong tapering tail and a bulky body supporting a long neck] shuffling nervously at the edge. It kept crying out to its brethren swimming at the base of the lake-locked mountain far below. Dalamus and Dusty tried soothing and encouraging the creature – though Sura didn’t understand why they cared to help, he reluctantly pulled some small paladin power from the sun and gifted it to the young animal, granting it the courage to slide down the rocky incline.

Keeping the jungle on their left and the lake on their right, the Wanderers walked the island’s gradual downward slope North, seeking easy access to four ships anchored in the distance. Along the way they avoided a Striker patrol and several unidentifiable undead creatures.

Sura decided to lead introductions with Randy, a man filled with regret and an unquenchable thirst for alcohol. He was appointed by the Captain Karlie [from the Ship Village] to oversee their island based trading post, and according to nearby signs he could grant them access to the ships. Drunk and depressed, Randy lamented the way practically every group inhabiting the island mistreated him even though he did his very best at the job.


During this conversation, Dusty leapt out from hiding and bolted down into Randy’s cellar bedroom where he thrashed the bedding, pleasured himself, and stole a personal letter [as well as other odds & ends]. Fortunately, Randy caught only a brief glimpse of the rogue and chalked the whole thing up to a wild cat. With his goodwill intact, Randy soon made everyone’s acquaintance and after a little bartering he wrote the Wanderers official notes of passage out to the ships.

Dave, the ferryman, was Randy’s brother. Dave was frustrated to learn that his current passengers had given Randy liquor in trade. Dusty, feeling a minor pang of guilt, snuck the stolen letter into Dave’s pocket before departing the boat.

Once aboard, Dalamus was immediately attracted to a large crowd on the furthest of the three connected ships [the 4th and largest ship was perpendicular to these three and accessible only from the middle ship]. There he found crew members betting on when ships were likely to crash against the many sharp outcroppings of the island. Every time the sound of splintering wood echoed from the distance it was met with equal parts cheers and jeers. Dalamus was taken aback by the lack of concern shown but soon became distracted when his nemesis Diane demanded his attention.

A shouting match escalated quickly between the two until Mr. Molasses, the ships second in command and Diane’s current lover, intervened. He intended to politely escort the Wanderers to his captain, however he couldn’t stand to hear Dalamus insult Diane and tried unsuccessfully to defend her honor. Fueled by righteous indignation, and all the gossip he’d heard about her before the fateful shipwreck, the relatively diminutive sorcerer bested the towering Mr. Molasses in physical combat!

Diane fled the sobbing man’s side without looking back.

Captain Karlie knew the Wanderers faces the moment they entered his quarters. He described dreams he’d seen them in, just like Leonard had and similar to the visions Lomojo mentioned to Sura and Dalamus on the beach.

Karlie was agreeable to questions and gladly detailed the different shard hunting groups assembled under his command, their reasons for being here, and the sour relations they all share with Cocoon. He’s also known Julius for many years as she’d lived on his ship for a time.

The meeting was crashed by agents of Cocoon attempting to kill Karlie. After a swift battle, the captain gave the Wanderers permission to take out any true evil detected among his crew.



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