The Wanderers

Episode 3: Forest Fortress

“Ugh my God! You are so fat! You’re disgusting! Dalamus! I do not like the new you. Stop playing that flute you’re terrible at it. Disgusting!” –Dusty


Garrett: Ugh, now I have to remember my shitty game. I don’t really have any notes to support anything… When I say I don’t really have any notes, I mean, I just have my memory.

Anthony: Yours was the one with a poor town and a rich town… red heads… boss monster with a shard powering it… any other details besides the fort you want to weigh in on?

Garrett: Yeah, I’m writin’ somethin’. Some of it’s coming back to me. Don’t you worry.

Benjamin: I remember Bill town and Will town? And a satyr who was a begger/mugger/king of an illusionary army, everybody being afraid of the party, somebody demanding a plate from the mayor of the ginger town, and then sidestepping an orc army, then raiding their fort via splitting the party, Dalamus setting fires, Sura being 15 feet tall, and then more fires, then trying to resettle the gingers but being unable to find enough people in the rich town to deliver a speech. and did we steal something from the fort?

Garrett: Yeah, Willton & Billton, and a magic illusion producing flute and an as yet, unidentified magical dick piercing. FINE I WONT WRITE SUMMARY



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