The Wanderers

Episode 4: Fleas?

“You guys are attacked by a doe in the middle of the night.” –DM

“Like a female deer?” –Dusty

“Yes.” –DM

“I make a loud noise.” –Sura


You’d heard reports of a large green shard shooting across the sky and followed its reported path. You lost the trail, but heard that warriors and aspiring heroes were heading to the nearby town of Hammerhaven. While there, you learned that there’s been an influx of people fleeing the city of Ironflow which was taken over by the Thirsty Darkness the plagued the city. The mayor of Ironflow is Leofrick Tibolt. He gave you the coveted Key to the City so that you might go to Ironflow and defeat the darkness, thus allowing the people to return.

On the journey there, you were approached by an old man in rags meant to distract you while orcs closed in around. You saw through this ruse, slew the orcs, and learned the old man was their captive, a native Ironflower that was lost during the trek to Hammerhaven. The orcs, you learned, have long been trying to get into Ironflow to reacquire their sacred artifact—the Amethyst Throne, rumored to draw magic towards it. You slew the tribe of orcs, freed the prisoners, and sent them off to Hammerhaven.

Once in the Ironflow, a young man in carapace armor ran to tell you to shut the door. You were all ambushed by giant fleas and fled to the young man’s hideout, the cellar of a local tavern, where there were several more survivors.


Your hideout was attacked by giant ticks so you fled to the tunnel the survivors had dug, slaying bugs, breaking windows, and raiding random shops along the way. Once in the tunnel, Curtis Dirshire was taken, you broke into the castle and made your way to the great hall where you met Greg the Grothlut. The implication, whether it got through, was that Greg was a homeless guy that got hit in the gut by the shard. The fleas and ticks feeding on him grew larger, while he himself grew and became corrupted by the shard, creating the name “Grothlut” to sound menacing and cool and to be taken seriously as he never had before. You killed him.



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