The Wanderers

Episode 5: Shipwrecked

“I said! The service! Is sorely lacking! For an establishment! Of this caliber! In the ocean!” –Dalamus


In the rubble of a once bustling fishing village [decimated by a battle between shard hunters & their enemies] the Wanderers negotiated some last minute trades before purchasing passage aboard a small trade ship en route to North Star. After several days sailing alongside the crew and passengers [refugees in search of a new home] the Wanderers found a comfortable rhythm with their travel companions.

Sura kept up relations with a surly but competent crew and their sea hardened captain.

Dalamus had been accepted among the innermost circle of gabby matriarchs, where he was learning a great deal about mortal politics on this plane.

Dusty won the hearts of the rambunctious children with his sleight-of-hand magic — young Robby Whittmoore in particular.

When an object emanating a powerful evil aura began pulling the ship along strong ocean currents the Wanderers stayed vigilant. Though course correction wasn’t possible, they were able to offer a warning call to prepare the ship of an imminent crash. As the crew attempted to flee ahead of the passengers, the Wanderers attempted to bring them back. They lost one safety boat, half filled with crew members, but managed to take control of the frantic evacuation and fit the refugees into the remaining three boats with few casualties.

Left heroically stranded aboard a doomed ship, the Wanderers braced for impact. Slamming headlong into an outcropping of razor sharp rocks, the ship’s aft arced out with such speed that the whole boat capsized. Amid the chaos, Sura and Dalamus swam against the churning water, fought off great white sharks and were pulled into a safety boat headed for shore. Meanwhile, Dusty nimbly stayed atop the ship, running up it’s underside as it turned and firing arrows into the frenzied sharks before leaping into the last safety boat himself.

On the nearby beach, half a dozen excitable ogres pulled humans from the boats and lined them up along the shore. They were dressed in undersized patchwork clothing, the pieces from regions all across the map, and exotic weapons hung in excess around their bodies. Sura and Dalamus remained on guard, unable to communicate with the ogres but not sensing any clear danger yet. Dusty, having just arrived in the final boat, allowed a few passengers to be unloaded but attacked when an ogre placed their hands on him. In a flash, Dalamus used magic to make Sura as large as one of the ogres in anticipation of a fight…


Until Next Time: The attacked ogre has pulled Dusty’s blades out of himself and offered them back. Another ogre has run off toward the largest shipwreck [the name Crusty Bitch is visible on the side]. The remaining four have weapons drawn on the line of people in the sand. A large jungle island looms and dawn approaches.



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