The Wanderers

Episode 6: Abandon Beach!

“You see two undead hunched over a woman. Sura doesn’t know what… actually, Sura’s a paladin, what did he do before?” –DM

“Mostly fought undead mummies.” –Sura

“Oh, well, these definitely aren’t mummies, it’s too tropical.” –DM


The ogre [who would come to be known as Pumice] began groveling at Dusty’s feet once the catfolk accepted his weapons back; uncomfortable and confused, Dusty cringed away from Pumice’s desperate pawing. Dalamus hoped to smooth the whole thing over with a healing potion but was shooed off by the ogre still unloading passengers from Dusty’s lifeboat. This one began pummeling Pumice and berating him in their native language [the only language they seemed capable of speaking]. Dusty took this as his cue to leave and scurried up the beach toward the jungle’s edge.

After being unceremoniously waved off, Dalamus refocused his attention on the largest concentration of refugees and how he could get them out of this situation. Roughly twenty-four people knelt with their foreheads in the sand in a long row. Three guards still had their weapons drawn toward them, which held Sura’s attention.

Buried deep into the sand and aimed at the jungle were large makeshift pikes covered in magical carvings. When Dusty moved between them he was overcome with a wave of nausea. While puking he noticed a dead human laying skewered on a lower set of jungle facing spears. Dusty decided to crouch hidden behind one of the bigger pikes for a while.

Dalamus and Sura, the pair who stood vigilant at the ship’s bow all night, quietly debated their next move until a high pitched tone rung out briefly across the beach. Seemingly in response to the sound, the ogres sheathed their weapons and stood at attention. Sura took this moment of calm to wander near the smaller group of people still being unloaded from the last boat. Dalamus saw this as an opportunity to make a move. The sorcerer knelt down in the middle of the larger group and let loose an obscuring mist over the crowd. Only a handful of people took the chance to run, so Dalamus began pulling those too frightened and confused out of the mist [with help from young Robbie Whittmoore].

Before Dusty could warn them to stop, three refugees came running through the magical pike field. The man immediately began puking and stumbled into the grip of what was actually an UN-dead human on the lower spears. Dusty managed to free him and get the trio to take cover. The two women remained calm under pressure while their nauseous companion was near hysterical. After hearing a few scary truths from Dusty the man fell in line.

Sura noticed the angry ogre from earlier had lost a faint green aura the others were emanating. Once this dispersed the ogre began walking along the smaller row of people and clubbing them on the head. With unexpected assistance from Pumice, Sura worked to cut him down.

Dalamus’s rescue attempt was put on hold when a hulking gorilla emerged from the Crusty Bitch with more ogres in tow. Dalamus engaged it in a civil long-distance conversation [through magical message] but things turned sour when the creature closed the gap. Adorned in countless Everstone shards [around a crown, brooches on a cape/flag, and a massive one in a staff] the gorilla displayed an ability to transcend any language barrier and had existing knowledge of anyone who’d come in contact with pieces of the Everstone before. In a flash of anger he no longer wanted to talk with Dalamus and waved the sorcerer’s mist aside with his staff. Sura had dispatched the unstable ogre and took over diplomacy with the unstable gorilla.


They all had a choice [stay on the beach and serve his every whim or face the unknown perils of the island] and were given until high noon to decide. Before returning to his Crusty Bitch the gorilla warned Dalamus and Sura that things did not stay dead on the island, but offered them the life of Pumice in light of the earlier altercation. The Wanderers declined and Pumice was merely knocked unconscious instead.

At the gorilla’s departure Sura quickly took off after the refugees who’d fled as a result of his brief battle. He managed to catch up with Diane before she entered the jungle from the far end of the beach and told her to wait there while he gathered everyone back.

Meanwhile, everyone else followed Dalamus and gathered around Dusty as he passed out his extra weapons to those he deemed most competent. After a rousing speech from the two women and young Robbie Whittmoore the crowd was ready to follow orders. Dalamus and Dusty led the group in an attempt to unearth a pike and disrupt what the sorcerer had determined to be a unique magical barrier against undead, however the pike was buried deep and more ogres were emerging from various shipwrecks with the morning sun. Hurrying the people into the jungle, they set two pikes ablaze and ran after.

Until Next Time: People are falling into lethal traps all around Dalamus and Dusty, as an undead horde is surging in their direction. Separated and unaware that his partners have made the fiery choice to abandon the beach well before noon, Sura is trying to save everyone he can and send them back…



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