The Wanderers

Episode 7: Mystery Jungle

“I will be honest. I’ve never been to a party before. My friends had them every Saturday night, but I was never invited.” –Dalamus


Dusty, Dalamus, and most of the refugees had the misfortune of not only trying to navigate through an undead mob, but having to do so in a heavily booby-trapped swath of jungle. Though the two Wanderers managed to avoid pit-traps while saving people from undead clutches, the refugees were in a panic making it hard to herd them toward relative safety. In the midst of this mayhem Dalamus discovered that the once human creatures were more interested in getting to the beach than fighting and used this information to try and restore a modicum of calm.


Sura caught up with the smaller group where he gleefully focused his attention on mowing down undead until Diane found him with bad news from the beach. She was followed shortly by Dusty & Dalamus who’d seen the flashes of fire from his fight. With both the Wanderers and refugees [their numbers dwindling] reunited the team trekked deeper into the island. As they walked, howls from the undead erupted from the beach and did not stop for some time…

Along the way, group temperament was turning away from Dusty [with the exception of the Landingham Sisters] after his dark sense of humor turned off a few particularly sad survivors, so he decided to scout ahead. This allowed him to disarm an array of different traps and, based on their construction, hypothesize that they were created in an attempt to hurt the ogres.

With a little magic from Dalamus and some brave taste buds from Sura, the two gathered jungle fruit for everyone, improving the mood and keeping the march going.

The ground had a gentle incline that eventually reached level with the seaside cliff they’d kept to their right. Dense jungle foliage made every available direction seem identical, but Dusty’s scouting got them to an unexpectedly wide river with an old overgrown path running parallel to it. Once Sura did another safety test everyone drank. At this point the paladin noticed an odd carriage dangling from a tree on the opposite side of the water. From a distance Dalamus and his ladies were able to confirm that it had a slight magical component and the weaving pattern originated from the continent they’d all left. Just another strange thing on an increasingly strange island, the group moved on, deciding to follow the path up river.

Dusty came upon the stone bridge first, where he spied two young boys hiding underneath. When the Wanderers had them surrounded they proudly confirmed they were part of the Burgundy Boys and this was their territory. Sensing that this title had little effect on these non-human foreigners, the more level headed John-John asked permission to speak with the cluster of refugees who’d hung back. While he gathered information, the wary boy left behind attempted to remain stoic as Dalamus argued with him and Sura patronized him with nicknames.

Fortunately, John-John seem satisfied enough with what the refugees had told him that when he returned to this somewhat tense scene he offered to give the people temporary shelter and let the Wanderers talk with his leader.

The Burgundy Boys led them back in the direction they’d come along the old path. In an untimely attempt at celebrating their luck, Dalamus let off some celebratory magic missiles which caused the already anxious B-Boy to chastise him and tell everyone to get off the path and continue hidden amongst the foliage.

As the group moved on ahead, Sura [a passionate follower of AO] took judgment into his own hands and knocked his companion unconscious with the blunt side of his blade when Dalamus attempted to cast a daze spell on the annoyed B-Boy.

The Burgundy Boys were setting a fast pace. A brief altercation with an undead ogre forced Sura to pay closer attention to Dusty’s impressive hiding techniques in an effort to avoid more attacks as sightings of exotic undead monsters increased. Finally, at the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean John-John hollered a password that revealed steps down to a secret cave.

Julius, leader of the Burgundy Boys, allowed them entrance after their resident science expert Leonard did a number of scans with his makeshift shard device [and used some sort of popping stone to wake Dalamus]. It was clear to Sura that Julius was pretending to be a boy, but he made no effort to out her. Instead the two discussed how they could be of use to one another. Julius offered to house the refugees at one of their hideouts and provide the Wanderers with information to help them navigate the island and its inhabitants. In return, Julius expected Lomojo [the gorilla] dead and the Crusty Bitch handed over to her before Sura left the island.

Meanwhile, Dusty discovered Leonard’s shard laboratory, however he’d barely snuck in before Leonard came happily bursting in after him [pulling Dalamus by the hand]. He showed them both all his different attempts at understanding the Everstone pieces and lamented that Lomojo seemed to have already found the most powerful on the island. Dusty politely asked if he could try to send one back with the magical incantation, something Leonard had never seen before.

Until Next Time: Sura accepted Julius’ terms and has taken her blood oath. Dalamus is letting Leonard put a tiny shard in his arm. Dusty is beginning to see the effects of his incantation working…



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