The Wanderers

Episode 8: Exposition Cave

“What are the X’s on the map?” –Sura

“Don’t go there. There are creatures from shipwrecks we still can’t identify.” –John-John

“Let’s go there!” –Dusty

“Let’s SO go there!” –Sura


Dusty almost finished sending away the tiny shard he’d been chanting over, but was interrupted by a painful mental pulse and a flash of Lomojo’s face behind his eyes. He then casually put the shard back without a word.

A fight erupted when a sad & angry refugee found out Leonard had designed the spike traps (meant to kill ogres) that killed many of those who’d fled the beach. Sura intervened and shamed the man into calming down, then agreed with Julius that the refugees should be relocated to another hideout.

Dalamus changed his mind about getting sharded then got distracted by all the commotion. Once everything calmed down he took some time to introduce the Burgundy Boys to his particular brand of magic.

Back in the shard laboratory, Dusty was answering a variety of questions from Leonard relating to the Wanderers’ different Everstone encounters. When Julius briefly summoned the boy away Dusty was left alone to snoop around. Behind a hidden stone door he found a room with three undead humans chained to the wall. One was wearing fresh clothes and sporting headgear studded with shards. It was uncharacteristically calm. Just as Julius and a small group of B-Boys departed with the refugees he wandered out into the common area of the cave. Hailed by his companions, Dusty joined them and headed to the mess hall/meeting room where Leonard had been directed to fill the Wanderers in on vital information regarding the island to better help them navigate their goals.


Things took a turn when Dusty admitted that:

  1. He’d seen Lomojo in a weird vision
  2. Found Leonard’s undead room.
    Dalamus, Dusty, and Sura followed Leonard back through the hidden stone door and casually interrogated him about his life on the island.

The boy told them that he and his father had crash landed here months ago in their small balloon ship. His father was killed in the crash and he was taken in by the real Burgundy Boys but forced to work like a slave for them, doing dirty menial tasks. The Burgundy Boys slowly died off in their brazen treks through the jungle looking to loot the growing numbers of marooned crash survivors and eventually Leonard devised a way to finish off the few that remained. Once he alone had knowledge of the Burgundy Boys’ many resources across the island, he retrieved his father from the tree they’d crash into, then began offering to house the lost children he frequently found (some escaping from a hastily constructed ship village on the lake). After Julius joined, (s)he very quickly emerged as their leader and tasked Leonard with the responsibility of understanding the shards.

Following these insights, the Wanderers left the room at Leonard’s request and met with John-John. Without offering much explanation at all, John-John suggested that they shouldn’t put too much stock into Leonard’s stories.



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