The Wanderers

Episode 9: Striker Assault

“I’m gonna let the kids sorta, go in to the wood chipper.” –Dusty

“Oh my god!” –DM


Anthony: Putting together a brief recap to get my mind back in the world. What details do you remember learning in our last session?

Garrett: There are well equipped ninja ogres that appear to be possibly mind controlled. I remember those guys. A bunch kids died fighting them.

Tony: The ogres had butterfly symbols made of bones on their chests, Sura tripped on his bed sheets, Dusty was popular with the kids… That’s all I remember…

Garrett: We discovered the bone butterfly symbol belonged to another group of shard hunters.

Ben: And doing the ritual to return the shards didn’t work on the island, instead it turned them into bone moths and sent them downwards.

Garrett: Also, that Lomojo is actively trying to prevent successful sending rituals. Lomojo might not be our enemy.

Ben: Yeah but we promised to kill him.

Garrett Yeah but fuck that!



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